It’s All About Me

Me, Myself and I

My name is Josh, I’m dad to Eva & Lyla, husband to Ellie, massive Gooner and professional geek & head of development for rehabstudio.

I’ve been playing with computers ever since my Dad picked up an Atari ST 520 in the late 80′s and haven’t stopped since. I started playing with Flash when I was about 16 (14 years ago that’s scary), went on to study multimedia technology at university and have spent the last 8 years at a couple of different London agencies doing professional Flash development for clients like Microsoft, Google, RedBull & Cadbury, and was lucky enough to win a few FWA’s along the way.

Seeing that Flash work was on the decrease and feeling it was about time I had a change in direction I became the head of development for rehabstudio. So I’m now responsible for the day to day running of the development team, making sure projects run through the studio smoothly, acting as a bridge between the tech, creative and production departments, as well as working on new business and pitches.

In my spare time I still try and dev when I can but have to fit that around being a Dad, learning to play guitar (currently rubbish), watching my beloved Arsenal, playing sports, and going to gigs.

So that’s me, if whatever reason you want to get in touch drop me and line here or hit me up on twitter.